There’s nothing like Casey Live!

Technology has allowed us to access content at the speed of sound and at a greatly reduced price. There are times, however, where you want your team to have a totally engaging, live experience. Role playing and integration are key parts to learning any new skill, from learning how to sell personal training to ensuring that everyone is involved with new ideas for your health club marketing.

For clubs wanting to make the investment, Casey is available for in-club consulting as well as staff seminars. For operators wanting to access her knowledge without an in-club visit, consider phone or video consulting. Either way, you’re sure to see you gym sales rise when you have every employee properly trained by the professional in the fitness marketing field.


Phone or Skype Consulting

1 hour for $250 or 3 hours for $500

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Free Phone Consult

If you are the owner of a facility and are interested in any of Casey’s products or consulting services, you are entitled to receive a complimentary 30-minute phone consult. Click here to submit your request.

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